— Some dude at another dude's house
We like that one song about the animals
— Cute female and her cute man friend
Look forward to hearing it!
— Some dude that hasn't heard my music
What kinda stuff is it...Like what genre?
— Stranger making small talk
Just club soda? Nothing in it?
— Waiter confused by my non-alcoholic drink order
Lime, if you got it.
— Me in response to above waiter


I started playing guitar because of Led Zeppelin. Sitting in the living room on the couch listening to none other than IV, and just being like "I'm going play that shit!". There was a crappy guitar hanging on the wall in our house and I had to prove myself to the old man that I wouldn't quit this time around...some years prior I had said "screw this, bar chords suck" and lit my guitar on fire (True? Who's to say?).

Anyway, fast forward through the years and I started half ass writing songs and struggling to sing some lines. It always sounded so bad to me. So I started helping other friends record their was pretty crude. At the time, it was way cool to us.

Fast forward a bit more and I decided to try to write more and was actually liking the song ideas that were coming out. But the singing still sucked. It was time, I had to figure this singing thing out. After taking voice lessons for the past three years, I've actually reached a point where I can say I'm a guitar player and a singer / songwriter.

Listen and I think you will enjoy. And if you don't, that's cool. I'm really doing this for me. Ultimately, that's any artist's goal isn't it?...self fulfillment and stuff.


Recent Collaborators:

William LaBonté
Words / Melody / Vocals / Guitar / Producer / Guacamole Eating 

Dan Mehrmann
Engineer / Mixer / Keys / Producer / Dropkicks Robots

Richard LaBonté
Producer / Advisor / Brother Bear

Eric Boulanger
Mastering / World Class Baker

Travis McNabb
Drums / BAMF

Steve Horne
Advisor / String Programming / Homie

Trina Harger
Vocals / Rock Star